Yanaka Manten Doughnuts

Yanaka Manten Doughnuts | The most popular doughnuts shop in Japan, visited by foreigners and celebrities

Yanaka Manten Doughnuts Instagram

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If you follow Instagram or come to our store after seeing Instagram! we will give you one of your favorite donuts as a present♪

Yanaka Manten Doughnuts Instagram

Yanaka Manten doughnuts specialty, Drinking Karinto!

※Karinto is made of fried dough cookies

About Yanaka Manten Doughnuts

Characteristic Features of Yanaka Manten Doughnuts

  • Baked doughnuts are not deep-fried, so they have a light taste that keeps you eating to be full!?
  • Handmade everything at the shop, we will provide fresh baked doughnuts.
  • Ideal for souvenirs and gifts! Prepare a cute package!
  • Yanaka Manten doughnuts ‘’Customer Thanksgiving Day’’ is held on the 10th of every month
  • ※We are the original brand from Yanaka.

Yanaka Manten Doughnuts line up




chocolate chip



And others!

Yanaka Manten Doughnuts Café

There is also a coffee shop on the second floor. The stairs are at the back of the shop.

You can relax and relax with a relaxed seat and some nice coffee or cold drinks.
※We are using famous MIKADO coffee.

We can offer special Japanese drink to you!

On your way home from work, during a walk in Yanaka,
Please drop in when you want to take a rest.

Yanaka Manten Doughnuts Café